Sarapin Treatments in Katy, Texas

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Sarapin is a natural solution from the pitcher plan (Sarraceniaceae) and is used medically as an alternative to steroids or cortisone injections. This alternative treatment offers patients effective relief from acute or chronic pain, swelling, and inflammation, while eliminating the negative side effects often caused by other types of injections. 


Sarapin is a non-toxic natural substance that does not accumulate within the body. Sarapin does not damage or weaken cartlidge, bones or tendons and can be injected nearly anywhere in the body. Sarapin is commonly used to treat: 




Sarapin Treats

Migraines Scaitic Pain
Neck Pain Low Back Pain
Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist Pain Hip & Knee Pain
Disc Herniations Cronic Pain Syndrome



Sarapin injections are administered once a week for three weeks. To maximize results, Sarapin injections may be combined with other alternative treatment methods such as physical therapy and chiropractic care. 

Sarapin injections have been used for many decades and are proven very safe as a natural alternative to the sometimes toxic injections commonly used to relieve pain. There are no known side effects from Sarapin injections. It is effective for many patients in treating chronic pain and allowing patients to return to their regular activities. 

What Can You Do?

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